what is a way to taipei?

Don't just survive. Live, explore, THRIVE.

What is this?  這個什麼事? Zhège shénme shì?

This is a lifestyle blog for dreamers and doers. This is for people with chronic illness who despite what life has thrown at them, still want to fulfill their dreams. This is a blog for people who aren't satisfied with an ordinary life, let alone a subpar one that many people have to face with chronic illness. This is a blog for adventurers, for fighters, for learners, for anyone who wants to find a way. A way to keep their dream, even if life has dealt them a hand not containing all the cards. This is a blog for people who are determined, no matter what, to find a way to their "Taipei". 

How to navigate A Way to Taipei  

This blog is broken up into 3 main parts : Travel, Design, THRIVE. 
Travel: This is going to be a part about travel preparations for your average every day traveler, and also for those with chronic illness, it will also have segments about the Chinese Language to help those who want to learn, if traveling to Taiwan or China.
Design: This part of the blog will be dedicated to my advances as a freelance artist/ graphic designer.
THRIVE: This here is for the people with Chronic Illness. It will be in part about practical every day solutions and things I have tried to alleviate the illness I have, along with some about mindset, b/c I really do think, that mindset is everything.