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Don't just survive. Live, explore, THRIVE.

Hello 你好 nĭ hăo

    Welcome to "A Way to Taipei"! The fact that you are reading this makes me 很開心!真的!But really.  Even if you aren't learning Chinese, I am so happy you decided to click on this link. This blog is not just for the Chinese learner, or the traveler, but for people that are not satisfied with just surviving. This is a blog for doers, for people who want to make their dreams happen, but might need some motivation. This is a blog especially for those out there who go through Chronic Illness and STILL fight to have an above average life. Life is difficult, for all of us, but taking that already difficult life, and then having to fight to just function on a basic every day level... well that gets a lot harder. I so hope this blog can help everyone who visits it. I hope that I can help people lead more exciting, healthy, and motivated lives. I hope I can help people see that no matter what their "Taipei" may be, its attainable.

Days till Taipei:


How to navigate A Way to Taipei  

This blog is broken up into 3 main parts : Travel, Design, THRIVE. 
Travel: This is going to be a part about travel preparations for your average every day traveler, and also for those with chronic illness. It will also have segments about the Chinese Language to help those who want to learn, if traveling to Taiwan or China.
Design: This part of the blog will be dedicated to my advances as a freelance artist/ graphic designer.
THRIVE: This here is for the people with Chronic Illness. It will be in part about practical every day solutions and things I have tried to alleviate the illness I have, along with some about mindset, because I really do think, that mindset is everything.